by johan gonzalez

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released August 22, 2019

johan gonzalez - lyrics & vocals & keyboard
daniel edenholm rognskog - mix & master


all rights reserved



johan gonzalez Bergen, Norway

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Track Name: zero fucks
we are the kind of people who dont give a flying fuck
and who dances through the room together or alone
i have sat here before locked away the door not expecting more
out of this year - just let it pass
out of this life - just let it go
and no no no you are so wrong pain is only psychological
locked and stored away gone for ever as every fleeting moment
and no no no you are so wrong pain is only psychological
locked and stored away gone for ever as every passing day

cant seem to grow out of these clothes
Track Name: horoskop
we are interested in daily horoscopes
and what will happen today
or even this whole month

the lights go out and we eat crackers in the dark
we play cards for hours
tell dumb jokes and laugh and laugh

some huge forest fire is filling all the screens
they need so many people to help
that they hire teens

we lay in the grass and kiss
its all dried up and yellow now
our phones get hot in the sun
scream for help and then black out

telly tells us:
"embrace your selves for way less than zero"
its not even winter but the ground gets
buried deep in snow

the temperature is sinking
now its minus forty freeze degrees
from our window we see small birds
falling frozen from the trees

"theres no food"
thats okay we dont need to eat!

"theres no electricity"
thats okay we dont need no heat!

"theres no oxygen"
thats okay we dont need to breathe!

"theres no sky, theres no earth"
we were longing to die from the day of our birth!

"theres no earth theres no sky"
from the day of our birth we were longing to die!
Track Name: inside entwined
all there is left for us to do
is rip off all our clothes
squeeze each other
till our bones break
inside entwined
forever close
Track Name: whats up bod?
what barrier is it that i have inside me that makes me stop
when I want to bite my finger off?
whats up with me not being able to just clench my jaw?

whats up bod?

why cant I break my arm?
why do I hesitate to jump when I finally find myself on the bridge?

whats up bod?
whats up mind?

r u slow?
Track Name: no daughter
"no we cant" i said
"take your penis out of me"
he pulled out and i said
"i thought that we had agreed"

he cried and he begged me
naked in my embrace
"just imagine the sensation
of looking at her face"

"im so sorry, my love
but it too short a time until the end
there will be no water for her
no hope and no friends"

we fell asleep without her
entwined into a cocoon
on our dying planet terra
shined our saddened sibling moon
Track Name: oof!
wish there were some kind of
a breathing space in here
you know more of a separate room
there in between

y’all should have seen his face there
it was covered up and dragged
smooched and torn apart and then
Implored and imploded

and all the time the video keeps buffering
as if I didn’t have anything better to do
than to stare at that circle
circling and circling trying to complete itself

but then having too short a tail
compared to its diameter
to ever reach its end

oof, circle!
i curse you shrink brain!
Track Name: smile
you seemed to be something good
and i hoped to spend some time alone with you
until one day you said to me:

"you seem to be something good
and i hope to spend some time alone with you,
um, i mean, getting to know you"

then you blushed and you smiled
quite a big smile right in my face

and i blushed and i smiled
i never could get your smile out of my face

do you think she would
be born with that smile on her face?

and do you think she would
live her life with a smile on her face?
Track Name: the world whirls
the world whirls
the thoughts whirl

a day turns into night
a night turns into day

a choice had to be made
and so a choice was made
Track Name: birds
birds falling from the sky
she picks up her pace and i
cant bear to think of her
in the midst of all those
Track Name: car(v)ing
i like the word carving
i like how you carve up my body

oh oh oh

i asked you to cut me
"can you cut me" i said
"since you dont allow me to cut myself myself?"

i think you said yes because you like to have control
but I dont care why you said yes
or why you cut me

as long as you do cut me
Track Name: hello world!
wow what a rush rush rush
our bodies are on fire
haha we’re dancing that silly im on fire dance
that feeling when ur body crumbles in the heat
hashtag that body when ur brain twists
hey stain hey melted skin hey flesh hey bone
our ashes spread with the wind

hello world!
Track Name: (forever close)
all there is left for us to do
is rip off all our clothes
squeeze each other
till our bones break
inside entwined
forever close

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